Mal Evans, PhD
Mal Evans, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
KGK Science

Recognized internationally for her work in chronobiology and nutraceutical science, Dr. Mal Evans is a leading scientist in health and wellness. Her expertise lies in developing clinical trials to advance nutraceutical science, support product claims, and to position KGK sponsors for success with regulators and conscientious consumers. She brings her experience and knowledge in Evidence-Based Medicine into Evidence-Based Nutrition and has spearheaded unique and innovative research initiatives, creating a new model for nutraceutical research to replace the ‘one-disease-one-drug’ model.

Throughout her career, she has spearheaded unique and innovative research initiatives, creating an entirely new model for the measurement of nutrients. Dr. Evans has been an active proponent in challenging the current guidelines that regulate the supplement industry. She speaks into what constitutes competent and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate a claim to further the scientific acumen of the nutrition industry. Dr. Evans is a frequent speaker at conferences on optimizing clinical trial design and the need for a new paradigm in study design in identifying biomarkers for the dietary supplement industry. She is a thought leader and directs the science at KGK towards developing new research designs that better capture the multifaceted nature of dietary supplements.

Dr. Evans has published many thought-provoking works on pioneering topics such as global indices for cognition. She has authored over 70 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and continuously challenges traditional thought in the health and wellness industry.