<b>Wenche Emblem Larssen</b>
Wenche Emblem Larssen
Research Manager

Wenche is a food scientist and has been working in the research institute sector since 1999. Her research areas are mainly connected to seafood quality with sensory evaluation and product development as main focus. This includes how sensory quality influences consumer preferences for a product both concerning taste, food safety and health claim. For the last 5 years she has been head of the work establishing a sensory vocabulary, methology and classification for marine omega-3 oils destined for use in functional food and pharmaceuticals. This work was carried out in close cooperation with the marine oil industry in Norway and several international R&D institutes. She has extensive project management experience and research expertise from both national and international projects and her projects are mainly in close cooperation with the production industry. Wenche is the leader of the Norwegian sensory network and has during the last few years held several international lectures featuring sensory quality of marine products.