Innovations in Women's Health Award

The last decade has witnessed a rise in products and ingredients dedicated to improving women’s health—tackling issues such as fertility, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, pelvic health, sexual wellness and more. With so many differing health challenges across a woman’s lifetime, this new award seeks to recognize innovators with the best ingredients or products to promote women’s health, research projects specifically benefiting female health and wellness, and women-led start-ups.

    Our judging panel will base their decision on the following criteria:

    • A genuine consumer demand or requirement based upon a common issue or risk factor
    • Consumer demand and interest in your format, delivery system, and/or matrix – including how innovative any delivery system is.
    • Whether your product meets a consumer demand, and how relevant the main ingredient is in meeting this demand
    • Packaging ease of use and design, including appeal and ease of use, novelty
    • Evidence that the product works for its specified use, where possible this will be product specific research, however research citing the main active ingredients solely will also be considered.
    • Solid scientific evidence to demonstrate a unique nutritional solution to this need or problem – including peer-reviewed data to back up any performance or health claims made
    • Evidence of that your product and its delivery system(s) has no, or beneficial, impact on bioavailability (especially if citing single ingredient data).
    • What gives your product the ‘X factor’ – something that makes it stand out from the crowd and edge out the competition (including evidence to back up claims)

    To view the requirements for this category, click to download

    Entries for The NutraIngredients Awards, Innovations in Women's Health Award, if ingredient or product-based, are required to have the ingredients or products commercially available in Europe. If research project specific to women’s health or female founded start-up-based, are required to have direct activity in Europe.

    Finished product entry holders for this category are also required to submit 4 samples of their finished product for judging. More details & instructions will be shared when an entry is submitted .


    Entries are now closed for 2024.


    • Once all entries are received they will be reviewed by the NutraIngredients Awards Judging Panel made up of independent judges from the industry.
    • Our 2024 finalists will be confirmed and notified in March 2024. 
    • Our 2024 winners will be announced during an awards' presentation in Geneva on the Wednesday, 15th May 2024.