2021 Winners & Finalists

There were 16 industry categories in the 2021 NutraIngredients Awards. And the winners & finalists are:

Ingredient of the Year

Ingredient of the Year: Beauty from Within
  • Atopic Dermatitis Probiotic Formulation, ADM Biopolis - winner
  • Dermaval™, FutureCeuticals - vaneeghen
  • Morikol, DolCas Biotech
Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function
  • CONCENTAL, Finzelberg - winner
  • cognitaven®, Anklam Extrakt
Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Ageing
  • CONCENTAL, Finzelberg - winner
  • Safr’Inside™, Activ'Inside
  • Urox, Seipel Group
Ingredient of the Year: Prebiotic
  • Bimuno, Clasado Biosciences - winner
  • Livaux, Anagenix
  • Olifructine(tm) AFs - Organic Agave Fructans, Nutriagaves
Ingredient of the Year: Sports Nutrition
  • Creapure®, AlzChem Trostberg - winner
  • Enxtra®, Enovate Biolife
  • HydroCurc®, Pharmako Biotechnologies
Ingredient of the Year: Weight Management
  • SynBalance® MetSyn, ROELMI HPC - winner
  • Bergacyn FF, DolCas Biotech
  • Liposan Ultra,  Primex Iceland

Product of the Year

Product of the Year: Botanical
  • Urox, Seipel Group - winner
  • CAPS cerebro featuring Rhodiolife®, Nektium Pharma
  • Ovosicare - Caronositol Fertility, Biosearch Life
Product of the Year: Immune Support
  • Vitamin D3000 Oral Spray, BetterYou - winner
  • Pro Inmuno, IENP
  • Wild Earth Immune Support, Natures Aid
Product of the Year: Omega-3
  • RINGANA BEYOND omega, RINGANA - winner
  • Möller’s Cod Liver Oil, Orkla Health
  • UnoCardio® VEGAN, WHC LABS BV
Product of the Year: Probiotic
  • EnteroSatys, TargEDys - winner
  • Biome Lift, Activated Probiotics
  • Sivomixx®800, Ormendes
Product of the Year: Sports Nutrition
  • Revvies Energy Strips, Revvies Energy Strips - winner
  • Protein Rebel Reload, Protein Rebel
  • Sports ProResolve™, Azur Global Nutrition

Specialty Awards

Editors Award for Functional Food Innovation
  • Heat-treated Bifidobacterium lactis (HT-BPL1) postbiotic, ADM - winner
  • Immunity Blend, Alianza Team USA
  • Nanocapsules of proteins, Nucaps Nanotechnology

Sandra Einerhand, PhD

Nutrition Research Project
  • Lactobacillus plantarum WJL, a Precibiomic strain promoting capacity for protein degradation to enhance juvenile growth and host nutrition, TargEDys - winner
  • BPL1 LTA Mechanism of Action Research Project, ADM Biopolis
  • “ARACOV” Characterization of a cohort and specialized nutritional intervention in patients suffering Long Covid, Solutex
Personalised Nutrition Initiative
  • Atlas Health food tracking app - APP Store, Atlas Biomed - winner
  • Qina platform of personalised nutrition solutions, Qina
  • www.vitmedics.com with vitamin detector, total health and wellbeing
Start-up Award
  • KÄÄPÄ Biotech - winner
  • Clutch Cognition ApS
  • Phytaphix